About Us

Flextek Solutions is a small technology services company based in Surrey in the United Kingdom. We are passionate about two things:

  • Technology
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to make accessible technology and services that are normally only available to large organisations. Currently we are specialising in:

  • Microsoft Office 365 – Work however you want. Enable flexibility across work styles, devices, and apps.
  • Hosting and Application Services – bringing automation to your existing processes with the power of the Cloud.
  • Internet of Things – linking things together over the Internet
  • Application Development – an application development on any platform, web, PC, Linux or mobile device.
  • Process Automation – increasing the productivity of your workforce or process.
  • AI and Machine Learning – using the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to support your business and improve efficiency.
  • Chatbots / Virtual Assistants – using virtual agents or chatbots to support your customer service centre, help desk or sales organisation.
  • EvBoo – an Online Booking software for Scout and Guide Events and Activities

If you are a business or charity and you want help enabling your team, then please get in touch.